Saturday, February 27, 2016

Nova Scotian KT Layered Star

In late January, I noticed that Lynne Hagemeir, designer of  Kansas Troubles fabrics for Moda, was hosting a four week "Stitch With Me"  project on her blog HERE.  The mini-quilt was to be made using mini-charms and some yardage using Lynne's layered patchwork technique.

 I have always loved KT fabrics, had a few in my stash, and decided to supplement my fabrics before I started the project. It's not always easy to get to a quilt shop in the winter, but Canada Post does wonders! 

Between my new purchases and what I had in my stash, the fabrics came from three different Nova Scotian quilt shops: A Needle Pulling Thread in Digby, Mrs. Pugsley's Emporium in Amherst, and Quilting on the Mira in Sydney.  Now you can see why I call it the Nova Scotian KT Layered Star!

The quilt measures 29" square and uses a variety of easy blocks made with Lynne's technique of layering the fabrics and sewing primarily along the pinked edges. The centre star was a breeze to make...

and the checkerboard frame came together quickly.

The flying geese were so much fun!

How could I resist pinwheels?

 Once it was put together, I machine quilted it in a cross-hatch pattern.

I didn't start the project until all the four posts were published. Then it was just a matter of a few days until the quilt was finished! If you want a fun project, visit Lynne's blog for the instructions HERE.

After that I decided to play with some Woolie Flannel charm packs by Bonnie Sullivan. I made HST's out of them using some neutral yardage I had, added a border, and have a little cozy lap quilt just waiting for the quilting!

This quilt measures 50" x 62" and was a great way to put those charms to work! 

Thanks so much for coming by! It's a great day for quilting!


Friday, February 19, 2016

Flannel in Flight

Earlier this week, I finished sewing the binding on a cozy flannel lap quilt. Luckily the sun was shining and the deck was cleared of snow so I could get to my clothesline for a picture.

I fell in love with the preprinted flower fabric designed by Bonnie Sullivan for Maywood Studio.   What a great idea to have the look of applique without the work. Guess I am revealing to you all how lazy I can be!

Here are a few closeups of the fabrics and the quilting. The quilting was done by Ange from Quilting on the Mira. Love the design she chose! 

The pattern was designed by Bonnie as well, with the quilt finishing at 48" x 60". There are several quilt designs which you can get for free at the Maywood Fabrics web site HERE.

It was a little tricky waiting for the wind to die down to take a pic, so I waited a bit more but it was still pretty windy.

Finally I decided to hang it on the deck which gives you a better idea of the design but the colours are a bit subdued.

Remember I was having laptop woes? They weren't fixable without investing in a fair bit of money so it made more sense to bite the bullet and just buy a new one. My last one was 8 years old so I guess it didn't owe me much! This time around, the laptop cost so much less and the set up was easy and almost instantaneous. So here I am, back at it!

It's a great day for quilting!


Friday, February 12, 2016

Strait Area Quilters and the Quilts of Valour

CTV Atlantic dropped by the other day at the local church where myself and the Strait Area Quilters were having a morning sew-in. Most of the ladies sit at the frame and hand quilt, while yours truly usually brings along her 1962 Featherweight and works on small projects. On Wednesday, I was working on the next Quilt of Valour. 

I had a few flags left over, and the gals brought in a whole stack of maple leaf blocks they made, so the newest QOV is starting to grow.  There is a link to the segment. And yes, you just might recognise me in my "celebrity" sweater. Kudos to Kaaren at The Painted Quilt for recognising me because of the stripey sweater I have worn in several blog pics. It is now time to go shopping! 

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Stars, Stars, and More Stars

Hello! Just a quick update to say hello! I am currently having laptop issues and until I can get it repaired, will have to do a short blog today using my iPad. I can not figure out how to insert the pictures the way I want, so will do my best for now, and when my laptop is up and running again, will fix things up and provide some links.

Suffice to say that my sewing room is busy these days as I make stars, stars, and more stars! I have two star projects on the go. The first is a quilt called Four-Patch Stars using a French General layer cake called Petite Prints and a Crazy for Red tan background by Minnick and Simpson. There is a fabulous tutorial by Jenny Doan on YouTube that walked me through all the steps. Super fun and super easy! 

I have 7 blocks made with 13 to go!

My other project is making a 6" sawtooth star a week! I was inspired by both Darlene at A Needle Pulling Thread and Barbara Brackman at Material Culture.  Darlene posts a block a week, making red, white, and blue versions of this star, while last year, Barbara hosted her Stars in a Time Warp quiltalong where she used the same pattern each week but featured a different reproduction fabric. I am using Darlene's pattern and her timeline, but aiming to follow Barbara's guidelines, or close to it, for my star blocks. I had a star day yesterday and now I am caught up and will hope to continue with one block a week in the future.  The order of fabrics used so far is Turkey Red, Prussian Blue, Shirtings, Cheddar, Over dyed Green, and Double Pink. 

Although I may have to "fudge" some of my fabric choices, I'm pretty sure I will have enough stash fabric to keep going for the year!

A little heads up on some Blogger issues. Some of us who use Blogger are losing followers. Recently, changes have been made, and if you wish to follow someone on Blogger, you have to have a Google account. It is pretty easy to set up, so if you wish to follow me in the future, please think of registering for a google account. It is free and easy. Madame Samm has explained it very well on her blog last week HERE.  If you don't want to sign up for an account, you can still receive my posts by registering on my blog to receive my posts through your email account. Just look on my sidebar for the place to input your email. 

Thanks so much for coming by. It's a great day for quilting.