Wednesday, October 5, 2016

A Quilt Too Big To Show

My latest finish is just too big to show it all.

It finishes at 94" x 94" but the weather has not cooperated to hang it on the clothesline for a picture and our little house is just too little to lay it out on the floor. With the change in seasons, the sun shines in the backyard very late in the afternoon and it becomes more difficult to take a picture showing the true colours. 

I did a bit of folding this morning and took a few pics on the front porch but the true colours are still a little off. The white background is actually a tan in real life! 

The quilt is called Star Crossed and you can read about the designer, the pattern and my selection of fabrics HERE. I made it using a structured scrappy lay-out, but it really isn't obvious until you see the full quilt. Once the quilting is done, I'll try for a full layout picture somehow. 

The blocks are fairly large at 16" . Each one was a treat to make as I couldn't wait to see what the finished block looked like.

I didn't have a design wall so putting the blocks in a formation required a lot of piles on my dining room table, some time coloring the layout in my planner with pencil crayons, and painter's tape to label my rows.

The quilt will soon head to Sydney for quilting by Ange Ross at Quilting on the Mira. I know she will do her quilting magic...she always does! 

Now that my big project is history, I have turned to a few smaller projects, like these Christmas stockings that were mailed out West to my son and his fiance. They received them yesterday so I can now show the pictures. I found a couple of free patterns online for inspiration and adapted as needed to make my versions. I sewed lots of 2.5" squares of Christmas fabric together, machine quilted the fabric in a crosshatch design, and then cut out the stockings. For the cuffs, I used a font I liked, enlarged it, printed it out with sheets of Alex Anderson's printable Select Appli-Stick paper, (which I received free for renewing my membership with The Quilt Show), reversed the names and finished adhering the names by using the blanket stitch on my machine. I'm glad both their names are short!

Before I go, I want to thank Prym Consumer USA. I have used Dritz Printed Treasures Inkjet Printable Fabric to make labels, etc., for years with excellent results. 

However, my last package did not work as expected. The paper would not peel off as it should have and I wasn't able to use the sheets.  I decided to write a little note off to the company explaining my dilemma and before I knew it, I received a lovely note and a replacement package of their product with "Improved, Easier to Peel Backing". I love a happy ending! 

It's a great day for quilting!


  1. Looks like a lovely quilt, and you used all kinds of tricks to make the large quilt happen in a not-so-large space, it sounds like. : )
    Really like the way the stockings turned out!
    When a company has customer service like that it makes you happy to do business with them.

  2. The quilt is lovely - congratulations on another quilt top finish!! The stockings turned out beautifully - using the stripe on the cuffs was a perfect choice...and good on the company for their customer service!

  3. Looks like a gorgeous quilt but VERY big for you! I can't wait to see the quilting and a full photo. You did a fantastic job on the Christmas stockings - I love them and I'm sure they did too. I haven't used the printable fabric much - I never had very good luck. Since it's been a number of years, I should try again. ~Jeanne

  4. Great finish. Beautiful quilt and the quilting is going to be awesome, I sure.

  5. Looks like a gorgeous quilt! I can't wait to see it all quilted and laid out.

  6. Wonderful quilt - you made a quilt this large!! WHHOOOOTTTT!! Can't wait to see it in its beautiful entirety.

  7. Great finish on that top - it looks marvelous in small shots. I like the stockings and how good of that manufacturer to replace your print sheets. xx

  8. Great quilt. I hear you on the photo-taking problem. It's hard work to get good photos.

  9. Happy ending, indeed! Your quilt leaves me speechless, Lesley! It came out sew pretty! Ther must be somewhere in PH you can take it for a lovely photo shoot....we'll have to give that some thought! After seeing all of Angie's other work, I'm sure she'll do a beautiful job on this one, too! She's got the gift! Enjoy your day! XO. P.S. I love your stockings!

  10. Fantastic pattern! Nice quilt ♥

  11. Gorgeous quilt. Nice to hear of a good customer service experience.


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