Sunday, November 13, 2016

Not Too Big to Show

My quilt too big to show (read about it HERE) is back from the quilter, has been bound, and yesterday, had its premier showing on the clothesline. Star Crossed has now joined the "finished" pile.

It was a very windy day here, but I guess its good because you get to see the beautiful quilting that Ange Ross of Quilting on the Mira did for me.

Its funny....when I finish a quilt top, I think the work is done, but I tend to forget that there is still a lot of work afterward to finish it off. Like straightening the edges with my ruler and rotary cutter...

and pressing the binding when attached...

and turning the binding to the back and wonder clipping...

and sewing again. It is a huge quilt for me to play with at 94" x 94", so it was a joy to call it a finish!

Now I'm into the Christmas mode, growing a paper pieced Christmas tree! I bought the pattern at the retreat I attended a couple of weeks ago. Its a great way to use up my greens that seem to be multiplying! 

A huge smile is going out to the Maritime Modern Quilt Guild. I am a long distance member and you may recall I made a couple of quilts for the guild's chosen charity this year, the IWK Children's Hospital located in Halifax, NS. The guild presented 21 quilts to the IWK representative on Thursday night. I borrowed the picture from their web page. Doesn't this picture just make you smile too? Makes my heart soar to be a little part of something this big...

It's a great day for quilting...

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Knotty Dotty Pines?

I love to finish quilty projects and I especially loved finishing my Knotty Dotty Pines quilt. Hubby tells me, however, the trees actually look more like firs or spruce, but Knotty Dotty Spruces just didn't do it for me! 

This was the quilt that I worked on at the quilt retreat I told you about last time HERE. All the fabrics are polkadots, including the background and the border. 

I quilted the trees using horizontal lines, added my version of FMQ to replicate wood grain on the tree trunks, and did some large loop de loops in the background to mimic the polka dots.

I think  it looks pretty interesting from the back too!

Not sure where Knotty Dotty Pines will find a home, but I definitely enjoyed playing with these fabrics, almost like opening a new box of crayons! 

Earlier this week, hubby and I traveled to Sydney to the Cape Breton Centre for Craft and Design. I wanted to drop off a couple of quilts and while there I took a picture of my Plus quilt in the gallery. I love how they chose the glassware in front to coordinate with the colours in the quilt!

Today I will continue working on my Licorice and Strawberries quilt. Why am I getting so hungry? I am ready to join the two halves of the quilt top and then start on the borders.

On November 6, several members of our quilting group, Tea Thyme Quilters, were honored to attend a special Remembrance Service at St.Mark's United Church in Port Hawkesbury where the Quilts of Valour we made in the past year were presented to their new owners.  You can see some of the pictures taken that day at the Quilts of Valour-Canada Facebook page HERE. Just scroll down to see them. 

What an emotional day it was for all. We are so grateful for those men and women who have served our country and feel very privileged to be able to use our quilt-making skills to thank them. The label says it all..."May the hugs stitched into this quilt give you comfort, strength and love." 

Do you remember seeing this quilt before? This is one of the quilts that was presented that day. We all made maple leaf blocks and worked together to choose fabrics and put it all together. 

The quilt was hand-quilted this summer at the Celebrating Quilting at the Causeway Quilt Show and Sale and finished by Tea Thyme Quilters this fall. 

In Canada, we celebrate Remembrance Day on November 11, so on that day we will get together with other members of our community to remember and reflect. 

It's a great day for quilting!