Friday, December 23, 2016

Christmas is (Almost) Here

Christmas for me is the best time of the year, especially when surrounded by family and friends. This month has been a busy one in anticipation, full of Christmas projects, gift projects, and just because. Some are secrets so can't be shared yet, but here are a few that aren't being kept a secret. 

I finished my Christmas tree skirt and am so pleased with the way it turned out. It definitely trims the floor around the tree.

I decided to put my new tree hanging to good use and turned it into an advent tree! I sewed 24 little red buttons to the tree and every day in December, I add a miniature numbered book from Charles Dickens A Christmas Carol Storybook Set and Advent Calendar that we were gifted many years ago by my sister. 

It was a treat to put the little books to real good use this year, reading each little book before hanging it.

Last week our town held a dinner for the seniors and were asked for donations of small gifts. I bought some adorable Santa mugs at the local grocery store and made a few mug rugs to include with them, as well as some chocolates, candy canes, and tea.

Luckily I also had some plastic around so was able to wrap them to go!

In a moment between gift projects and "what should I do next?", I cut into some delightful LOL prints designed by Me and My Sister. I had loved the Asterisk pattern I found in Quiltmaker Reader Favorites Volume 1 Summer 2015 and started making these 6 1/2"unfinished blocks. 

I'll keep working on those next year.  For now, my sewing room is closed for the year. The house is decorated, the Christmas quilts are hung, the baking is done, the tree is up, and now we are ready for family and friends.

Merry Christmas to all! 


  1. Love the little gift filled Santa mugs. Merry Christmas

  2. It's a great time of the year. Your tree skirt is beautiful and the senior gifts are fantastic. Merry Christmas, Lesley.

  3. Your tree skirt is beautiful. I'm sure it looks fabulous at the base of your tree. What a cute idea for your tree quilt and advent calendar! With the added joy of reading the story first. Your seniors gifts of mugs and mug rugs and goodies seems like a perfect gift for seniors to enjoy this holiday and many to come. Love your new asterisk quilt in the making. Merry Christmas Lesley!

  4. The tree skirt is lovely!
    I am fascinated by the advent tree with the little books. So sweet. What a great idea to combine the wall hanging with the books.
    Nice job on the gifts for seniors.
    My sewing room is not closed--it is converted to "gift wrap central". : )
    Merry Christmas, Lesley!

  5. Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones, Lesley! What a great idea with the Christmas tree and I love your tree skirt too. The Santa goodies are a lovely idea, I bet they went down a treat.

  6. Lesley, you make the best things! The Christmas tree skirt is gorgeous and I love that your tree became an advent tree - what a great idea! And your Senior gifts are delightful - I love those mug rugs, especially the Santa ones. Our celebration begins in an hour or so. Today is cookie day - 3 grandsons will be arriving soon and the flour will fly! Then we'll just keep celebrating through Sunday. Merry Christmas to both you and Dave!

  7. Cute gifty idea for the town seniors - little surprises are usually the best! Best wishes for a wonderful Christmas and quilt-filled New Year!

  8. I adore your little book advent and they look wonderful on your tree. Beautiful gifts for the seniors too. Have a very Merry Christmas and a healthy and happy new year xx

  9. Like the tree skirt. I am looking to make a new one. What is the name of your pattern. You did a great job picking the fabrics for it.

  10. Gorgeous tree skirt!! What is the pattern and where is it from?
    Merry Christmas to you, Lesley. We are supposed to get a storm on Christmas Day, so we will see!!!

  11. Your tree skirt and Advent calendar both look great and I love the asterisk blocks - they look perfect all together like that. Great gift idea. Have a very Happy Christmas. xx

  12. Merry Christmas, Lesley! You are so clever! XO

  13. Merry Xmas Lesley ,i enjoyed your post.

  14. I hope your Christmas Day was delightful.
    Lovely finish on your tree skirt and the hanging tree looks wonderful with the books.
    The gifts for seniors are a great idea and look lovely.
    The asterisk blocks look so different after all the Christmas fabric. Great change.


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