Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Meeting Some Deadlines

My sewing room seems to be getting busier day by day! I have put a lot of my ongoing projects on hold so I can prepare for the annual quilt show we have that runs from August 11-16. I managed to finish binding two bed-sized quilts and attach labels so they are off my to-do list.

Earlier today, I finished machine quilting my Scrappy Irish Chain quilt. My inspiration for this quilt was a design by Rita of Red Pepper Quilts which you can read about HERE. I used straight line stitching, like Rita did, in a 2" grid which was a bit monotonous to do, but I like the effect. Here are a few pics I took earlier today.

I love how the black and grey pop from time to time!

I have a black binding prepared and will attach that tomorrow.

Once that is off my list, I have a Kaffe Fasset lap quilt top that is waiting.

It's a great day for quilting! 

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Getting Ready

The Celebrating Quilting at the Causeway Quilt Show and Sale is less than a month away, but with all the things happening between now and  then, I have to get ready sooner than later. The posters arrived from the printers and a PDF was sent my way so here it is. For all my friends who follow my blog, just a reminder that the quilt show/sale is in Port Hastings, Nova Scotia, Canada, so I will understand if you can't make it! 

I have lots of irons in the fire, as they say, to prepare for the show including attaching the binding to this quilt. 

The pattern, Four-Patch Stars, was created by Jenny Doan of the Missouri Star Quilt Company. She has an excellent tutorial HERE. I blogged about the quilt HERE.  It has since arrived back from the quilter, Ange Ross at Quilting on the Mira so it is definitely the time to get that binding attached. 

I also have about 100 hexies all ready to put together in a table runner.  Amanda, a fellow member of the Maritime Modern Quilt Guild, gave us all a package of a hundred 2.5" squares of fabric in the goody bags we received at the retreat held in April. I decided awhile back to turn the squares into hexies. My travelling kit went everywhere with me and now all the squares have been transformed into hexies. 

I am thinking I may make a table runner out of them so I did some auditioning of fabrics for the background using grey as the theme colour. 

My gut feeling is to go with the last one, the fabric that is darker than the first two. I love the bright fabrics in the hexies and they seem to pop more on the darker colour. I will probably make a runner similar to this one that I made last year. I blogged about it HERE.

In addition, I am preparing another Quilt of Valour using combining Northcott's flag fabric and my scrappy flying geese for the centre. Today I am working on putting the centre together and then will build some maple leaf blocks to surround it.

In a perfect world, I would have my latest QOV ready to machine quilt by the start of the show. I plan to set up my machine in the church during the show and when things are quiet, I will do some machine quilting, while the other QOV (blogged about HERE) will be in the hall being quilted by hand. I think it will be interesting for people to see both the traditional and modern method used to finish a quilt. If I'm not ready to quilt it by then, I'll just continue to piece it together at the church.

So as you can see, lots happening in my sewing room. It's a great day for quilting!

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

The Artisans Collective Gift Shop and a Quilt Show and Sale in August

It's been a busy week since I returned from my travels. I've been to the shop to volunteer/work and a few times to meet up with some of my quilty friends so I had the chance to take a few pics on several occasions. Here is what you see from the door of the Artisans Collective Gift Shop:

The shop is essentially one large room that you enter through the Port Hastings Museum. The museum is almost the first thing you see when you enter Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. You cross the Canso Causeway, enter the traffic circle, and the museum/shop is on the right as you go around the rotary towards Route 19.  

One of our key features is having a double bed which displays our quilts, changing every few days when a quilt sells or just because.

Our main attraction for quilt lovers is our wall of quilts. We have a corner set up with racks for the quilts. Again, the display changes when quilts are sold or when quilts are added. Our artisans are a busy group so new items are constantly being added to inventory. 

One of the walls holds the brightest quilts, some more modern than traditional. 

We have another corner near the front door which changes often as well! The wine glass quilt was so popular the first one sold immediately so the quilter brought in another! 

13 local artisans, a daughter and a few husbands contribute to the collective so there is quite a variety of items. 

If you plan to be in the area, please drop by. Send me an email at lcarruthers3atgmaildotcom and I'll try to be there when you come through.

When not at the shop, I did manage to find my sewing room. I was thrilled to be able to add the final maple leaf borders to this quilt.

This quilt was a joint effort by the St. Mark's Wednesday morning quilters. We made a variety of 6" finished maple leaf blocks, reds and earth tones, brought them in, and used a pattern called Autumn Jewels by Renee Peterson to arrange them. The pattern is in McCalls Quilting September/October 2010. 

We auditioned a few fabrics for the sashing and background and played around with the placement of the blocks.

My friend Barb sewed the centre and the first border together and I added the outer maple leaf border. It was so rewarding to hang the finished flimsy on the line!

This is a very special quilt that we made to use for the Quilt of Valour-Canada program. It will be hand-quilted this summer at the Celebrating Quilting at the Causeway Quilt Show and Sale that takes place at St. David's Historical United Church in Port Hastings, a few steps away from the Artisans Collective Gift Shop from August 10-16. Hours are 10-4 each day of the show. During the show, this quilt will be put on a quilt frame. Local quilters and visitors to the show will have the opportunity to quilt it and by the end of the week, we anticipate the quilt will be ready for its binding! Please mark the dates on your calendar and plan to come by. The show and sale starts on the 10th with drop off, set-up, and doors opening all that day! 

Its a great day for quilting!

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Shopping and Family...All Good!

Just got back from a fabulous trip out West to see DD, SIL, and my very special GS! I spent lots of time cuddling, playing, singing songs, and reading books. Sure brought back the memories.  I arrived home late last night and today am having lots of jet lag and withdrawal issues missing baby and family!

Even though I was there for family time, my DD treated me to a trip to a fabric store, Out of Hand. I found lots of glorious bundles to take home to feed my stash habit. This dotty bundle, Just a Speck, by Jen Kingwell called my name as soon as I saw it! 

Then I spied some neutral bundles. I recently fell in love with Star Crossed, a scrappy quilt by Corey Yoder,  Little Miss Shabby, featured in the April 2016 issue 139 of American Patchwork and Quilting.

I have a line of Ramblin' Rose fabric that I had picked up from The Fabric Cupboard that I will be using for Star Crossed and wanted to use a scrappy approach for the backgrounds. These neutrals fit the bill!

Once I got to the checkout, I went a little crazy. Within arms' reach of the checkout was this wonderful bundle of 30 fat eighths. And what a variety pack it was including Free Spirit Pineapple Slice, Amy Butler, Acadia by Tula Pink, Zen Chic, Alison Glass of Andover Fabrics, Barcelona by Brigitte Heitland and so much more.

This smaller bundle made me smile, including some Mini Pearl Bracelets, Cotton + Steel, Stained Glass, Sun Streaks by Robert Kaufman, and Where the Wind Blows. 

Another of my future wish list quilts will be made of greys, blacks, and whites, so I grabbed this grey and this yummy teal, just because.

Before I headed west, I had ordered some fabrics from Dragonfly Fabrics and they shipped it to my DD for me. It was there when I arrived. I know I now have enough greys in my stash so I guess I better get started on a quilt!

My house quilt arrived while I was away so I took a quick picture this morning in between all the washes I am doing.

I still have to add the binding, but I was very pleased to see the quilting done by Ange of Quilting on the Mira. I still have some tidying up to do but hope to get back into my sewing room soon.

The Artisans Collective Gift Shop in Port Hastings, Nova Scotia at the entrance to Cape Breton opened for the season just before I left on my trip. Here is a shot of some of our group on the day that we brought in our wares. I am on the far right and will be working in the shop on Thursday. If anyone is in the area, please drop by to say hello. I'll take some more pictures then. For the first time ever, our seasonal shop now accepts credit cards and I am hearing that the number of sales has increased, so this is a good thing! 

And do I miss this little guy and his family?  You betcha!

It's a great day for quilting!