Sunday, February 12, 2017

A Cottage Year is Finished and the Canada 150 CW Quilt is a Start

We seem to be having a lot of snow days lately, or as I like to call them, Sew Days. It's always nice to finish a quilt top, especially one that was so enjoyable to make from start to finish. A Cottage Year is just that kind of quilt.

If you recall, the embroidered cottages had been put away for awhile. See my post about them HERE. Once I pulled them out of the closet, it took no time for the blocks to be made. I began by framing them with a black solid.

After that, the log cabin blocks grew pretty quickly.

The blocks are sewn into the quilt in the order of the months, row by row, from January through to December. 

As usual, I used a large assortment of cream and red fabrics. My pre-cut of choice is fat quarters so I have quite a few tucked away in my plastic totes. Then I started to build...


and build some more...

My new version of A Cottage Year is a little different than my first, but I think I like it more with the darker reds/rusts.

A Cottage Year is now in my growing pile of tops to quilt. I have discovered that I have to be in the right frame of mind to FMQ as it ties up my favorite sewing machine for awhile. These days I am loving putting together quilts, so I think I'll wait awhile before I get into my quilting mode.

One quilt that I am loving putting together is the Canada 150 Canadian Women, a free QAL by Kat of Next Step Quilt Designs. She has designed a quilt to celebrate Canada's 150th anniversary that is being celebrated this year.  Every week she provides three 6.5" unfinished block patterns for the 150 block quilt. 

With each block comes a story of a Canadian woman that has impacted our country. It is a perfect QAL for me, as 3 blocks a week seems to be manageable and with each block I learn a story about a woman who made a difference.  I started with a layer cake of Sentiments by 3 Sisters and after 4 weeks this is what I had.

There is a Facebook group Kat started where people post their blocks HERE. I started to like those blocks with more of a variety of tones and shades of reds, so I am now adding more shades and tones of reds and creams from my stash. 

The quilt can be made in a few different sizes, depending on how many blocks you make, but I am aiming to make a queen size quilt with 150 CW blocks and 6 filler blocks. To make it easier to piece, I am dividing the quilt into 4 segments and will sew each segment when I have enough for a 6x6 section or a 6x7 section, using a 1.5" sashing. Here is my first segment almost finished...

You can join Kat's QAL anytime by signing up for an email or just visit her site where the blocks are posted every Tuesday for free HERE. Each set of blocks is available to download for 2 weeks only. If you miss any blocks along the way, or want to start now, you could start with the next set of blocks. At the end of the year, Kat will have a CD available for all the blocks for a nominal fee. 

It's such a treat, to make these little blocks every week and at the same time, be inspired by Canadian women.  If you do the math,you'll see that the blocks won't be finished 'till November, but that's perfect for me! Thank you, Kat, for giving me such a special way to celebrate Canada's birthday year. 

It's a great day for quilting!


  1. Your embroidery on the Cottage Year quilt is beautiful. I love the rust colors!

  2. Wow, girl, you are one busy quilter. The cottages are so amazing and look wonderful all together in a quilt. And your Canada 150 is headed to being an amazing quilt stitched with love, knowledge and history. I love the mix of the reds and creams.

  3. Your Cottage Year is lovely - it looks very different to your first - amazing what a change of colour will do! How special to be making the Canada 150 quilt....a good way to commemorate the year. I love all those reds :-)

  4. Your cottage quilt is lovely. Love your Canada 150 quilt blocks it is going to be amazing.

  5. I love your Cottage Year - beautiful framing. xx

  6. Love your red and creams and picture you snuggled in Cape Breton waiting for the blizzard tomorrow. A great day for quilting.

  7. I love your cottages, they look fantastic in the log cabin sething and those Canada 150 blocks are awesome .

  8. Beautiful cottages! What a wonderful project your new one snow here.....just hot and more hot !

  9. Your blocks look great. Far too much snow lately, and more coming tonight. Hurry up Spring!!

  10. A Cottage Year is absolutely gorgeous! I love the way you framed the embroidery pieces and then used log cabin blocks. Canada 150 Canadian Women sounds exciting - I love the idea of the story behind each block. It will be a very meaningful quilt. Your reds and creams look great. Happy sewing! ~Jeanne

  11. I love the shadow box effect of the log cabin blocks on your Cottage Year.
    Very smart to sew your Canadian Women blocks together in sections as you go. That many little blocks can be daunting once the are all finished and need to be combined. You will have the battle won! : )

  12. I love the cottage year quilt, it really looks 3D with the colours you have used or looking through the window at a view. Thanks for sharing. Susie x

  13. Lovely finish on the Cottage Year quilt top. The log cabin blocks make a wonderful frame for the embroideries. I do agree about wanting to quilt tops and being in the right frame of mind. I tend to sandwich several at the same time and quilt them one after the other.
    I also love the idea of the 150 blocks. What a lovely idea to have a story with each one. Enjoy these blocks!!

  14. I am in love with your Cottage Year quilt top! And envious that you are making the Canada blocks, and I didn't. Stay safe in all that snow! XO


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