Monday, March 13, 2017

Three Finished Quilts

I love this time of year in my sewing room. It's a time to catch up, finish, and sometimes start, all on the same day! I really had fun finishing up my little KT wallhanging/tabletopper. 

Unfortunately, I broke 2 FMQ feet while quilting it. Bad luck? Murphy's Law? I had decided to do a FMQ daisy design for the centre blocks using variegated thread, capturing the daisy theme from the appliqued borders. Love the effect...far from perfect, but really fun to do! 

For the appliqued borders, I decided to use echo quilting using my FMQ foot to speed up the process. Along the way, the FMQ foot that came with the machine loosened and somehow dropped to the bed and the plastic foot split and became wedged to itself. So off I go to my accessory drawer and found another foot I thought would work. It did work, until the metal bar on the side broke in two! So I finished the echo quilting using my straight stitch foot. A new Pfaff foot is on order! 

My bonus baby quilt is a finish, made from leftover fabrics and strips from my Lazy Log Cabin quilt. The quilting was done 1/4" from each seam line.

Sometimes easy quilting is best for keeping the quilt soft and cuddly. The quilt finishes at about 36" square so could be used as a baby's play mat, stroller quilt, or just to cuddle in.

I made it a little more cuddly by adding flannel polka dots to the back.

I also finished a red and cream slab quilt for the Halifax Ronald McDonald House in Halifax using the Canada 150 fabrics. 

I wasn't sure if I trusted all those reds so carefully washed the quilt when I was finished.

I attached the Big Quilt Bee label that I was able to print out on my Printed Treasures printable fabric. The link is available online HERE.

I am so grateful to be involved in this Canadian-wide quilt initiative for Ronald McDonald Houses spearheaded by the Canadian Quilters Association.  I was also excited to hear that my little modern guild group based in Halifax, the Maritime Modern Quilt Guild, has also chosen Ronald McDonald Houses as its charity of choice for 2017. We will be making string block versions for donation in November. Gives me lots of time to play with fabric!

Thanks so much for coming by today. I don't seem to be blogging as much as before, but I am sewing and quilting more, so all good!


  1. Each finish is delightful, but it sounds like you must have had a steel batting in that KT quilt or something, to break 2 FM feet in one quilt! Yikes!! : )

  2. Love your KT wallhanging but breaking two feet??! Oh my! The daisies and the echo quilting are perfect. Really like the other two quilts and the Ronald McDonald initiative - a great cause. I agree that sewing more and blogging less is not a bad thing! ~Jeanne

  3. All your quilts are keepers, I especially like the baby quilt made with the bonus leftover scraps. The colors are so pretty and the simple quilting does make it soft and cuddly, like a quilt should be.

  4. So unfortunate that you broke two feet doing this quilt , you did very well to get it finished , the quilting looks great. The bay quilt is adorable and the Ronald McDonald house quilt will be loved for sure . Great job on all projects!

  5. Three wonderful finishes! I really love your applique border on your KT quilt. Sorry you had so much trouble when you were quilting.

  6. Fabulous quilts, Lesley, all of them. I really love the colors and design for your baby quilt though. It just lures me in to its awesome quiltiness.

  7. Lovely finishes. I agree - simple quilting does make the quilts so soft.

  8. Well done on all your finishes. The first little one looks great with the quilting you have done. But what a shame about the breakages.
    The bonus baby quilt is lovely and cuddly, especially with the flannel backing.
    And the donation quilt is very special. That is a great way to support a worthy cause.

  9. Some lovely finishers Lesley, sorry about the loss of your two FMQ feet, that was an odd coincidence. I always worry about going too fast and possibly breaking my plastic one.

    Nice to see you posting.

  10. Beautiful finishes! I love the little baby quilt. Beautiful quilting too. Sorry to hear that you broke two FMQ feet :( Hopefully your new one will arrive quickly.

  11. Your poor machine just couldn't keep up with you, Lesley! Fantabulous finishes! XO

  12. Fantastic finishes!
    I think the free-motion feet breaking would scare me to death!
    And it happened twice?!?!
    You must be working them too hard :)

  13. Quilting and sewing more is all good :) Too bad your FMQ feet broke, but you did a splendid job finishing up with the straight stitch foot. I agree that simple quilting is sometimes best for snuggly softness, and simple can still look fabulous.

  14. Congrats on three finishes. That's awesome. You must have been doing some serious quilting to break two feet.

  15. The little KT hanging is gorgeous - what a shame about the carnage while you were quilting it though - hope you have good run with the new foot! Your bonus baby quilt is beautiful too - and with the addition of the minky on the back will be a well loved item, I'm sure. The slab donation quilt is lovely, how cool are those Canada 150 fabrics, a great use of them....and the Ronald MacDonald charity is a good initiative to be involved with.


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