Monday, June 12, 2017

Canada 150, Artisans Collective and the Nova Scotia Fibrearts Festival

I seem to be sewing more these days, but blogging less, and with my ipad attached to my hip, it seems like such a "job" to go sit at my laptop to write a post. But today I feel invigorated and ready to tackle the keyboard! Maybe it's because I walked the waterfront early this morning, picked up some groceries, and then finished three Canada 150 pillows!

I used some of the Oh Canada panels left in my stash, added a border using some Canada text fabric, and quilted the covers. For the envelope backs, I used some Canada text fabrics plus a few designs from the Sesquicentennial fabric. The pillows are about 13" x 24" so I made my own pillow inserts. I feel very patriotic today and these pillows are certainly putting me in the spirit to celebrate Canada's 150th birthday on July 1.  

The Artisans Collective, of which I am a member, is getting ready to open our seasonal gift shop on Thursday, June 15. The Artisans Collective Gift Shop is located at the Port Hastings Museum at the entrance to Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. We have a Facebook page and are starting to highlight some of the items that will be available once the shop opens. You can visit us virtually and like us by visiting our Facebook page at Artisans Collective Gift Shop. Hours will be Monday - Friday from 9:30-5, with weekend hours of 12-4 starting on July 1.

Members of our Collective are also participating in the Artisans Market being held at the waterfront during the Tall Ships Regatta. The Regatta welcomes Tall ships to Port Hawkesbury between June 30 and July 2, with the Artisans Market being held on Canada Day from 10:00 - 4:00. Find out more by visiting the Facebook page at Port Hawkesbury RDV 2017 Tall Ships Regatta

I'm pretty happy the shop is opening soon, as the quilty pile of projects on the spare bed is a little overwhelming. Not all will be going to the shop, but a fair bit of it will. I've made lap quilts, baby quilts, wall hangings, table toppers, and some runners. I see a few under the pile that have escaped the camera. I might have to get a few on the clothesline for a photo op and I see one quilt still needs a binding...maybe tomorrow! 

In the middle of trying to finish projects, of course I started a new one. It came together so quickly, it is already a quilt top! I made a whole lot of plus signs in some bright fabrics!

The quilt, which is about 48" x 54", is named Hello Garden by designer Cherri House, but I am calling mine Hello Summer! The pattern is in the March/April issue of Quilty.

And to finish off this rather lengthy post, just want to let you know that the Nova Scotia Quilt Bloggers Quartet (NSQBQ) will be participating in the annual Nova Scotia Fibrearts Festival being held in Amherst, Nova Scotia, in October, 2017. You can see the brochure and get all the info from their Facebook page HERE

Do you remember who we are? The NSQBQ is a group of 4 quilt blogging friends...we all blog and we all quilt and we all live in Nova Scotia, at least seasonally!  In the picture below, we were at the Thistle Quilt Guild quilt show a few years back and are holding the gifts we exchanged with each other. Left to right, Karen, Me, Linda, and Sheila. 

We became fast friends a few years back and now every year we meet up a few times a year to exchange quilty things, to go to quilt shows, and just have some wonderful quilty fun. The foursome is made up of Linda who blogs at Scrapmaster, Sheila who blogs at Sheila's Quilt World, Karen who blogs at KaHolly, and me, The Cuddle Quilter. The four of us will be one of the 4 quilt shows that will be set up during the Fibrearts Festival. Our show will be held at the Amherst Curling Club on Friday and Saturday, October 13 and 14. Here is a page from their brochure. Please mark it in your calendars and come for a visit! 

It's a great day for quilting!


  1. What an amazing amount of work you have produced Lesley. Beautiful. xx

  2. Wow you get a lot done. I need to have your energy and productivity.

  3. Great looking pillows!
    I am impressed by the pile on the spare bed! Wish I could come to the gift shop. : )
    Hello Summer is a very happy quilt. Makes me think of popsicles on a summer day.
    Wish I could see the quilt show by your foursome. Please take photos to share!

  4. I saw a Facebook post earlier today from the Artisans Collective featuring your gorgeous Quilted Village quilt. I really hope we can visit the shop again but it won't be this year 😞. All of your beautiful work is amazing to see. Hello Summer looks very summery! We both also want to come to the Tall Ships Regatta... ~Jeanne

  5. You four must have a great time together.

    Those pillows are gorgeous and your pile of quilted projects is quite impressive.

  6. You have been very busy and also look like you have a lot coming up.
    The pillows are great. A perfect way to use up leftover fabrics.
    I am very impressed with the pile on the bed. You sure are ready for the shop to open!!
    And the plus quilt top is a bonus as well. Looks gorgeous flying in the breeze.
    Good luck with all the shows/events you have planned.

  7. I think it is lovely that you gals get together so often. So many beautiful items and you have a lot on your plate right now. Just love the pillows, too.

  8. Well, I think I just found my excuse to visit Nova Scotia this Fall! I do hope I can make this happen, I would love to meet fellow Bloggers in person. My grandfather grew up in Nova Scotia and I have been trying to get there for years. Sounds like this is a good time to go! Thanks for a great post.

  9. Oh, my goodness, those pillows! I think you're going to need more! They came out gorgeous, Lesley, and won't last long in the shop. The plus quilt came out sew cute, too. It's so difficult to resist starting something new, isn't it? I'll be seeing you soon! Great write up about our show, btw.

  10. The pillows are awesome and will be a wonderful remembrance of a very special day! Wonderful to have a quilting/blogging group to meet up with at various quilt shows!

  11. I too love the pillows and your project was a quick one...great job.

  12. I'm jealous (and I'm not sorry about it) that you have those great ladies to hang around with. Such fun! Those pillows are beautiful both front and back, and all those!


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