Tuesday, November 7, 2017

It's Always a Great Day for Quilting

The weather continues to amaze us in Cape Breton. We have had double digit temperatures right into November, with just a few cool days now and again. Today is a cool one, perhaps an indicator that winter may really be around the corner?

Because there was no sign of snow on the weekend, I found a window of opportunity to head to New Brunswick to visit family. Woodworker Hubby is the skate sharpener during the winter at the local rink so is pretty busy on the weekends and doesn't have time to miss me!  So with a little over three hours of driving time, I headed out and got to bask in the warmth of sisters' hugs and mom's smiles! My family is so generous when I arrive, from excellent accommodations, to fabulous meals and so much more, that I wanted to gift them with a little something. I had been playing with my Christmas fabrics last week so brought a few of these projects along to leave with them. Perhaps they'll think of me when it is time for them to decorate for the holidays!  

A little close up of the fabrics. Don't you love the little red trucks with Christmas trees on them?

My favorite hand work in my quilting chair is making hexies, so I found a great way to use them on this little runner! 

Of course I managed to visit a quilt shop on the way through to pick up some more Christmas fabric at Mrs. Pugsley's Quilt Emporium in Amherst. A group of quilters in the guild close by invited some of us from town to attend a workshop being put on by Karen Neary of Sew Karen-ly on the 14th. Karen will be teaching us the Log Cabin Diamond to use in a Christmas Tree Skirt. I can't wait! Karen's work is stunning and award-winning. To attend a workshop with her at the helm is such a treat! She also sells Aurifil thread so I must send her a little note to see if she will bring a few spools with her. My favorite thread colour to do free motion quilting is grey, Mako Aurifil 2610, 50 wt. and I'll need some more! 

Back to the fabric...I had ordered some great Christmas fabrics from Mrs. Pugsley's in Amherst in the Forever Green and Marble lines designed by Holly Taylor for Moda and wanted to coordinate a few more fabrics.

I decided to drop by in person to see what else she had. I found a few perfect wintry blacks and this luscious Christmas text fabric, Winter's Grandeur for Robert Kaufman, that followed me home! It is more beige than white...my picture of it is a little deceiving. 

Tomorrow is Wednesday, the day of the week our Tea Time Quilters guild meets at the church to quilt. Because I don't hand quilt any more (ongoing wrist issues), I set up my little My Excel Janome workhorse beside their quilt frame and I sew, sew, sew while the ladies quilt, quilt,quilt. I usually take along some pretty easy projects to work on so I don't have to do much thinking. Last week I sewed lots of 2.5" squares of Christmas fabric together into rows and rows. Here is a sneak peak of a special project coming together. You can tell how much I love those red trucks!

Before I go, I wanted to mention a blogger that I have been following for years. I met Carol at Just Let Me Quilt in the days of Blog hops, then hosted by Madame Samm. Do any of you remember Think Christmas, a blog hop I hosted from July 30 - August 3 in 2012? Almost 75 people participated.  Here is a link that tells you more about it HERE. What a time we had in the "olden days"!  We virtually met dozens/hundreds of online quilty blog friends, participated in almost daily giveaways, and was inspired through the projects and free tutorials that were offered on everyone's blog.  I still follow many of the quilters I met then,though, to be honest, many blogs have been discontinued over the years due to the popularity of pinterest, instagram and facebook. It seems we are all sewing more and blogging less? And commenting less? Or is that just me? 

Anyway, I wanted to give a shout out to Carol and to thank her for reminding me of those good old days through her Thankful, for the Blogging World post HERE. The days it all started! I loved reading Carol's post. It was a little trip down memory lane. I look forward to continuing to follow her for lots of quilty inspiration and to hear about those fabulous monkey boys! Please visit Carol's blog to see what she is up to. Maybe you'll want to follow her annual Virtual Cookie Exchange expanded to include Christmas traditions and Christmas quilts! Click HERE for more information. Thanks, Carol, sending lots of smiles and hugs all the way from Cape Breton! 

It's always a great day for quilting!


  1. What lovely gifts to treat family with and so wonderful you got to sneak in a visit before the snow does fly. Yes, blogs have come and gone - so many of use met thru Carol and Samm as well as each other. I am noticing there is less commenting, but I do get a lot of readers.

    1. Thanks so much, Sharon! Yes, a lot of us met virtually at the time of the blog hops!

  2. This is beyond words...you are so kind! Thank you for such a sweet boost for my blog and for me! You hosted that Christmas blog hop when I first started, so I never see a Christmas quilt without thinking of you. You are the Christmas Queen! I think people still read blogs but one can only say "nice quilt" so many times. We need the little heart like Instagram has so people can at least let us know they visit. I never grow tired of the things you make and how you inspire me. Thanks for hanging in with me all these years!

  3. Gorgeous gifts, and love your fabric acquisitions.

  4. What darling Christmas projects! Those little red trucks are adorable. All of your projects and fabrics are making me wish I was doing Christmas stitching. Oh yes, I do recall the blog hops – so much inspiration and so many friends! Everyone was so positive with comments. Now I don’t blog as much nor do I comment as much either. My blog stats say I have more readers and less comments than a few years ago – guess we are all busier or maybe want to sew instead of type! ~Jeanne

  5. Awesome wall hanging and runners...I know they will love anything you bring them but something like this is extra special

  6. You have been busy with your travels and your sewing. The gifts you made are lovely ones. I am sure they will be enjoyed and appreciated. And your photos are s pretty with the Autumn leaves.
    Looks like you had a great time shopping for fabrics. Hope you have a lovely time at the workshop.
    I have to agree that it appears both blogging and commenting are happening less and less. I used to find a lot of people left comments 2 or 3 years ago, but very few do so now. I gather a lot prefer Instagram instead. i am going to keep blogging as it is the best way for me to keep a record of all my projects. (Even if I am the only one reading it.) Cheers.

  7. You were very thoughtful to bring those lovely handmade gifts to your family. OF COURSE, they will think of you when they decorate with them for the holidays!! :)
    I am saddened by the blogs that have shut down, or slowed way down. But I still find plenty of wonderful bloggers out there, and since I am not on FB or IG, I continue to plod along with my blog. I think I prefer more of the story behind the photo, and the blogs give me that.

  8. Hi Lesley I took part in the Think Christmas Blog Hop and loved it and loved all the Hops and yes it was a great way to meet new people and totally agree with Carol that no one ever leaves horrible comments on quilting blogs which is as it should be.

    I feel that people these days start from a point of aggresiveness and it really makes me feel sad. So I try and make sure that I am not like that and go out of my way to be pleasant even if they are not. We all have off days but it doesn't mean we have to make everyone else's day bad as well!!!

    I Love your Christmas projects.

    Hugs, Susie xx

  9. Lovely gifts for your family - great to spend time with them I am sure. Love your fabric selection and that wody one looks just gorgeous. xx

  10. I did mean that to say wordy! - noticed my mistake just as it flew away. xx

  11. As always, a delightful post! I’m sure your lovely family loved the treasures you made and left behind. So glad you were able to safely make one more trip. Have fun at Karen’s workshop! I’m very envious.

  12. Wonderful post , so nice to surprise your family with early gifts to decorate for the holidays, they are lovely. I agree blogging has taken a bit of backseat to other things like FB and Instagram. Oh lucky you to take a class by Karen, I am sure that will be loads of fun, she is so talented .

  13. Such lovely gifts for your family - and just the right note to inspire some Christmas spirit!

  14. I agree that it is always a great day to quilt. :) Your quilty gifts for your family are wonderful and I am sure they will be treasured!

  15. You have been busy. And don't we always do that -- add a trip to a quilt shop on our way somewhere. I never can coordinate when Mrs. Pugsley is open. I need to head to New Glasgow today, but it's raining. Hope the roads are okay.

  16. Lesley what precious quilt gifts! Looks like you have also found some really neat Christmas fabric and it will be fun to see what you make with them.

    It is funny that so many of us are thinking about blogging and how it has changed, back in 2011......can't believe it has been that long since we did the Think Christmas blog hop! We didn't have Instagram, Pinterest or even Facebook back then so blogging was the perfect way to connect and share with others. Times change, I was Quilting by the River back then on blogger, I am now Freemotion by the River and on Wordpress. I even found my old blog post! - http://www.conniekresin.com/2012/08/think-christmas.html

    I will be taking part in Carol's Virtual Cookie Exchange (most people don't know that Builder/Chef Bob is the cook in our family) and look forward to getting back in touch with people. I think we have been friend since the beginning of our blogging journey!


  17. Lovely post Lesley, your sewing is looking so good - 3 gorgeous finishes - I love those wee trucks popping up in your Christmas projects! Wonderful to read about your quiltshow too...I'd seen it on the other girls' blogs but had missed yours sorry - it does sound like a fun time.

  18. Your Christmas gifts that you took to leave with your family were lovely. I especially liked the hexie runner because it was different than any I've seen. I have been following you for many years and you always come up with lots of inspiration on your blog. I have slowed down on posting, but still read a lot of blogs. I am trying to get back to posting more frequently myself. I do not do Instagram or Facebook, so the quilting bloggers is where I check. You are very lucky to be taking a class with Karen. I follow her too and you are right about her abilities.


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