Sunday, December 10, 2017

A Busy Time for Quilt Projects

Whew! Made all my deadlines for sending packages out of town. Some of my quilty items were given as pre-Christmas gifts so I can share them here.  These two smaller items were made from the pattern, Heartfelt Holidays, which used a fabric panel designed by Wing and a Prayer. 

I loved seeing how DD displayed the banner with her nativity set!

I also sent a pre-Christmas quilt to DS's place, but forgot to take a picture first. He and his new wife have decorated their place with a Paris-Eiffel Tower theme, so when I saw this panel, it followed me home! I did some edge to edge meandering quilting to finish it up. I love how it hangs behind their Christmas tree!

Another project that has brought me great joy in the making is the Mary and Jesus quilt I made for my DD's classroom. The pattern is by Jen Frost of Faith and Fabric Design. The pattern seemed a little overwhelming at first, since there are 49 pages to it, but Jen broke up the project into four units so it became pretty manageable from start to finish. 

I had great success with the first unit, using all kinds of low volume prints and bright yellows for the halo.

Unfortunately, I printed off my Unit 2 pages and pieced the full unit before I noticed that my patterns hadn't printed to scale! This was totally my error, not the designer. Jen was so smart to have a 1" square on each pattern page but I hadn't thought to check it. Woe was me! I had no choice but to reprint and remake Unit 2, which thankfully, worked wonderfully. Patience is a virtue, right? 

I sandwiched the quilt using some 80/20 batting I had on hand, and used some white with grey stars fabric for the back. 

The sun was shining brightly the day I laid it on the deck! It measures about 34" x 41".

I had lots of the medium blue batik left so that is what I used for the second border and the binding.

With this quilt finished, I now have time to work on my Christmas Tree skirt. I attended an excellent workshop recently,  put on by Karen Neary of Sew Karen-ly Created and hosted by the delightful Havre Boucher Quilting Guild. It was a fabulous day of learning, playing, and eating! Karen's workshop, Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend-Log Cabin Diamonds, was excellent! I have been sewing and quilting for far too many years to keep track, but Karen had several new tips and tricks to make my quilting life easier. 

Karen also sells Aurifil thread so I treated myself to an early Christmas present of a great collection of neutrals. I love using Aurifil, and my Pfaff loves it too! I don't seem to have any problems with FMQ anymore, and I think it is because of the thread! 

Today I am playing with my diamonds, arranging, rearranging, and sewing the corner blocks.

It's a great day for quilting!


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  2. I love your Mary and Jesus quilt!! Hugs,

  3. Lovely diamonds and star. Mary and Jesus is beautiful - such a shame about your bloomer! but it all came well in the end. Lovely gifted gorgeousness too. xx

  4. Your Christmas sewing is wonderful , you are so talented. I am sure your workshop with Karen was fun and good for you buying the thread . I purchased that set too , love it !

  5. Kudos for meeting deadlines. I have a gift that has to go to Toronto, and I haven't figured out what to make yet. Oops...think it's going to be late. I love the Mary and's beautiful.

  6. Oh my goodness what beautiful Christmas special! Your tree skirt will be gorgeous too xx

  7. Oh my gosh, wonderful projects...loved all of have been one busy gal.

  8. Great projects. Oh the paper pieced Mary is fabulous. Love your tree skirt too. Great gifts.

  9. Your Christmas projects are fabulous. The Madonna turned out beautifully. The sizing thing sounds like a mistake I would make. UGH!

  10. I love the Mary and Baby Jesus quilt it is so lovely and I would love to have a go a something like that but have too much else to do before I start any new projects. Love the pre Christmas gifts too. Have a lovely time at Christmas. Hugs, Susie x

  11. Well done meeting the deadlines. I have to be on top of that too, so definitely understand. All the projects you worked on are lovely. So pleased you worked out the scale before you went too far.
    And the diamonds are looking stunning.

  12. Lovely to see what you have been up to Lesley - you seem very organised!! The panel quilts have all come up great - and nice to see them being used already :-) What a shame about the mis-printing of your pattern but a beautiful result in the end! Your workshop sounds like a fun time - and I love that star you are making. I'm getting a nice little collection of Aurifil thread as well - my machine seems to like it as much as I do!


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